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Week of August 14, 2011

not dead at the moment. not that anyone really reads these. i was just having Issues last week and decided not to do anything. kind of what happened this week too, only i had a breakthrough in villagers and town ai. so that happened. basically, i had a system for villages which was okay, but was really messy and kind of pointless. so i just redid it. now there’s something that will actually work.
here’s something i wrote as i was working on it. i’m updating this on saturday and the post will publish on sunday, so maybe i did more. i don’t know.
it kind of seems pointless when you’re planning to kill yourself in less than a year.
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Week of July 31, 2011

So I just had a friend play the game. Few things I learned:
1) Menu systems should actually work
2) My friends don’t really give a shit about dialogue so whatever
3) The combat is actually pretty fun
It was basically summed up as him running around, spawning hundreds of enemies, and blowing them up. He seemed puzzled as to why he kept losing XP and levels, but I’ll chalk that up to him being retarded, because I told him flat-out that dying costs you XP, and multiple deaths cost you a level, and he still spawned hundreds of enemies for ‘optimum XP’. Then he died. Constantly. I’ll just assume the rest of you aren’t that retarded. But yeah, he spent ages just sitting and killing things, so I guess it must be fun.
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Week of June 26, 2011

So apparently people actually read this so I shouldn’t casually mention wanting to kill myself or that I’m ‘crippingly depressed’ or the fact that I’m a TPE/lifestyler BDSM slave or anything like that. I’m also certainly not going to say anything ridiculous and slide it in there just to fuck with people (I also unironically have opinions on Ancient Greek philosophy [fuck Plato*])!
Instead of doing something stupid like that, I will simply drop the biggest bullet point parade in ever because all I did this week was space out and make the game.
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All right, pre-production is going in a weird sort of direction, but that’s fine.
I admit, updates have been kind of slow lately. That’s because, the more I get into the meat of the game, the more I have to be careful about what I add. If the story changes drastically, as it has been, then things I have planned end up being tossed out because they suddenly don’t fit – the reason why I’m hush-hush on things that aren’t actually in the game yet. But I’m working on a final script for the game that will, essentially, solidify the game so that I know for a fact what I’m working on. The last piece of the puzzle just fell into place, I think, and… well, it’s pretty damn weird.
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Week of May 22, 2011

Dum de dum…

– Gunners! These are enemies that just try and keep their distance and shoot at you. Yes, with bullets. What’s that? Did I add ranged combat finally?
– Flyers! Same dudes, but they fly.
– Hopping. As in, when you attack regularly, your character jumps in the air slightly. Just looks neat.
– Zipping up and down. Through the use of MATH(!!!) the player now moves along the z-plane towards enemies they are locked onto, when attacking. This sounds kinda simple but I don’t know shit about math, and the ‘z-plane’ is kinda jury-rigged since this is a 2D game. I pretty much shit myself when a random formula I punched in actually worked.
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City Building

I’ve been trying to put together some assets so that I could post screenshots, or something, so you could get a better feel for the game. Right now, I’m having a hard time finding out the art direction, and refining the sprite for the player character. I work fast, but it turns out that planning the entire art direction for a game takes longer than a day, so, bear with me.

One thing that bothers me is that, as I start planning out the first iteration of the game and setting deadlines, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave something very important on the back burner. Specifically, city building. I don’t mind it not being in the first ‘demo’, in full. It’s big and complicated and only good if it’s at a late stage of development, so I don’t see it as a failure on my part if it’s not there yet in January. But it does indicate what I’m wanting from the game.

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I’ll do a little post about combat within the game later, replacing this. While I cook that up, here’s a random mockup. Not a screenshot – I haven’t pinned down the art direction yet, so, these mockups will be a work in progress.
[Mockup removed]

Sorry this was so long in the making! I thought about providing actual footage of what’s in the game now, but there’s still very few assets, and gameplay by itself isn’t easy to appreciate when it’s whizzing past, sans graphics.

The Action-RPG element is one of the two major forms of gameplay in Megatronica. I’m not sure how much time you’ll spend slaughtering things, but it’s one of the key features. It’s also being worked on in tandem with the city-building aspect. These two features are basically opposites – city-building is slow and requires a lot of conscious thought. Combat, on the other hand, is really, really fucking fast and doesn’t leave that much room for cautious tactical thinking, but a lot of unconscious, rapid-fire strategy.

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An Introduction

What is Megatronica?

Megatronica is a video game which started production in December of 2010.

Okay. So what the hell is it?

Specifically, it’s a weird mix of 2D realtime action-RPG, city builder, social sim, adventure and pretentious navel-gazing art.

Oh good god

Now that I think about it, it does seem a little convoluted.
The game is a mix of genres intended to involve players in the world as much as possible. This means tactile, easy-to-understand combat, with a ridiculously complex system lying underneath. It’s an RPG with a lively world to interact with, and all the gameplay that would grow from that.

How is it getting done?

I have a lot of time to waste and also I’m a fast-working motherfucker.
The game has been in development for around 3 months, now, and that’s with college wiping its dick over my schedule. With summer on its way, I’m starting to crack down on the project, which is already at least something. While it’s nothing to look at right now, combat is already more-or-less complete, and the city-building component is slowly crawling its way to completion.

When will it be done?

The goal is to have something playable by January 25th, 2012.
Note that doesn’t mean ‘done’. The intent is that it would be a working foundation at that point, with basic assets, solid gameplay, and just enough content to work for a few hours — but with a high potential of expansion. It won’t set the world on fire at first release, but it’ll be a springboard into the meat of the project, and give a good impression of what to expect thereafter.

This sounds like a sales pitch. Is it a sales pitch?

Nope! The game’s probably going to be free, at first. If at some stage it ends up being 200 hours of cream-your-pants awesome, I may begin, timidly, to dip my fingers into the smoldering pit of capitalism and release the demons inside to prey upon your wallets. It would never go beyond what you’d expect from Xbox Live Arcade, though. And it certainly wouldn’t be until people were willing to pay.

So what’s the point of this?

The game isn’t set for serious release in a while, and I don’t stand to gain much by showing it off.
The purpose of the blog is to show off my design notes, programming, and assets up until release. It’s here as a set of personal notes, to chart the game’s progress, and to get feedback if anyone actually cares. As development starts to rev up ‘for real’, some focus is good to have.
More importantly, it commits me to the project, and makes it real. The idea has been bouncing around my mind for years and years, and I’m determined to get something done. I’ve done year-long projects before, so I’m not convinced this is biting off too much for me to chew. But, we’ll see. If I end up posting a ‘sorry, no game’ thing in a few months, feel free to point and laugh. I’ll take it as incentive to get this thing done.

What are the actual chances of a demo?

It depends on how the game gets made! Right now I’m getting the engine into a state of completion, followed by the graphics. If I end up with a playable section of the game, as I intend to by the Jan 25 date, it’s possible that something will come out to the public.

What about after January 25, 2012?

Constant, sweeping updates. Think along the lines of Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress. After the game is playable, I’ll be working on it ad infinitum.

Why not do something small first?

It wouldn’t be worth releasing.
But yes, I have.

So then why not–?

Because it’s not worth releasing.


Good talk!