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Week of August 21, 2011 – Final Fantasy XIV Edition

While I work on some updates that, sadly, are too big to sum up in bullet-point parades, but will make the game playable on a whole new level, I did something a little fun for the week. I played a really, really bad game, in order to help me figure out the general direction for Megatronica’s ‘core gameplay’. I want to have something you can play for several hours at a time in a matter of days or weeks, so it’s got kind of an MMO feel. So, I played an MMO, and saw ‘what not to do’. Here’s the notes I took!

Incidentally, I’m thinking the January release will be kind of an alpha thing, while May 25th (5/25) will be a ‘full’ release. There are very good reasons for this. Namely, I’m killing myself after the game’s finished for real, and Mass Effect 3 comes out in March, so…
This isn’t really a change of plans, or a ‘delay’, realize. I knew what got released in January wouldn’t be the finished product, but a product. Something to play, and more than just a demo. Think Minecraft, before all the updates, and how the ‘real’ thing is coming up in November, presumably. Before I was thinking the next big release would be December 5th, but, um… we’ll see.
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