Week of August 28, 2011


Two quests a day, every day. There’s 9 in the game right now, but I haven’t measured up the gameplay in hours or anything. I’m just adding and adding and adding, and eventually I’ll sit down to play it.

Also optimizing code and what-not. I’ve gotten 70 enemies on-screen without a dip in FPS, but that was best-case scenario.

I also finished the map for the first world – ‘Iera’. It’s a tropical island inhabited by the Ifri tribe, an adorably hedonistic, slutty culture. There are five cultures. I just naturally started with the cute sadomasochists (keep in mind, the character designs are all chibi).
There’s also three dungeons, though only one floor each, which is kind of small. They’re going to be very varied, though.

Okay so, here’s the quests that are in there now, specific to the Ifri:

“Ms. Desclos”: An old woman who lives on the mountain comes down to hassle the villagers. She is like your grandmother had a baby with your mother-in-law had a baby with hate. The Ifri tell her that they’re all just really good friends that play ping-pong, but it can’t work forever. To get her to leave, it turns out one of the dungeons near her house on the mountain is infested with little critters that breed. This is terribly unwholesome, and also really annoying. She is offended. So you have to go murder them, at which point she’ll happily return home.

– This is the first quest that is randomly triggered, with a check for it every in-game hour.
– The quest keeps track of how many times you complete it, and raises the difficulty each time
– Adds ‘breeder’ enemies, which will occasionally pop out a duplicate. If they’re fighting the player at the time, they’ll fire their baby as a projectile, thitting the player. This doesn’t damage the baby, and it actually comes out combat-ready. It’s exactly as fucked up as it sounds.

“Fairies”: There is a single chef in all of Ifri’s kitchens. All of them. And it’s the same guy. If you talk to him, he’ll ask you to find ‘fairies’ for him. These are rare little beauties that are also quite difficult to catch. He doesn’t tell you why he wants them, but he pays otu the ass for each one, so.

– Makes use of a new feature, where bugs will randomly spawn in the overworld map. Right now you just touch them to catch them, but I’ll probably add a net, if it’s not too cumbersome. Fairies are just one of the bugs that randomly spawns.
– This is one quest that goes on forever, but after fulfilling certain conditions, will trigger another quest. Until then, you can just turn fairies in to him for money and XP.

“Rise of the Locusts”: Burrows have appeared in one of the dungeons, and enemies are coming out. The villagers are a bit nervous about them, and ask you to take care of them.

– Triggered randomly.
– Will pick a random dungeon and rise in difficulty each time.
– Introduces ‘burrows’, which are just spawning points for these particular enemies, ‘locusts’. Not sure what to do with them yet.
– Like ‘fairies’, doing it a certain number of times triggers another quest.

“The Man in the Shack”: A creepy guy in a shack on the mountain wants pixie dust. Just pixie dust. He’ll pay you for each.

– Basically, like ‘Fairies’. Giving him a certain amount of dust triggers another quest.

“Couriers Don’t Do Good in Games”: When the lighthouse is working again and the ships come in, the dockworker will have a delivery of ‘unidentified magazines’ to the Man in the Shack. The magazine’s flavour text is ‘the subject matter of these is censored. We were too lazy to censor this game specifically for the Australian/German release, so we just left the Nazi scheizer porn out of all versions.’ Anyway, you just deliver them to the Man in the Shack.

– Will probably include more ‘courier’ missions like this, to a random villager.

“Debt”: When you wake up at the start of the game, you’re a robot in a severely bare-bones chassis. You’re pointed to a mechanic named Ciel, who fixes you up and gives you an upgrade. And then demands payment. Which you don’t have. Luckily, Ifri are fairly happy-go-lucky. Pay him off whenever, and you’ll get another upgrade. And another debt.

– Each upgrade gives you an XP bonus for all XP gained, unlocks certain features (the first just lets you allocate attribute and skill points when you level up), and certain skills. The second upgrade, for instance, unlocks a health regeneration skill.

“Ciel’s Station”: Ciel asks you to charge up a power station of his on the mountain, using an expensive battery. Once you place the battery, it takes a certain amount of time to charge up. It also makes use of forbidden technology, that causes one of the world’s deities to take offense and spawn enemies to destroy it. So you have to protect it. If the battery is destroyed, its cost is added to your debt. If it charges the station, Ciel lowers the debt instead. This also charges the lighthouse and gets it working, so ships can come in.

– Rises in difficulty each time you do it.

“This is Stupid”: Ciel decides he wants a sudden surge of lightning to his station. So he gives you a stick that changes the weather and conducts lightning. Unfortunately, it only works when someone holds it. Also, enemies spawn and attack if you use it. So you get to go stand on top of the station, waiting for lightning to hit you, while trying to survive an onslaught of enemies. Ciel thanks you, should you succeed, takes some money off of your debt, and suggests you try therapy.

“My God”: A transspecies robot (one who was accidentally given the software of one kind of bot, and the hardware of another) named ‘Buzz Buzz’ stands outside the ‘Bee Dungeon’ to raise awareness. However, the bees are not sympathetic to his plight, and do not believe he is, in fact, a bee. Buzz Buzz laments his inability to make and store honey, and asks you to reason with the bees and bring him some, just to make him be(e) more comfortable. Unfortunately, bees are horrible bastards, and you just have to steal the honey.

– Adds ‘clinging’ enemies that will grab onto you, stick, and do constant damage, and also slow you down. If you get a sudden boost of speed, they can come off. Alternatively, just smacking them might loosen them. In this case, they’ll also die on their own.

I also added ‘neutral’ enemies that only attack if provoked, and ‘hunters’, which will track you down regardless of distance, not stopping until they catch you.


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  1. just curious what game enigine are you using? like unity 3d

  2. i made my own. it’s 2d, though, nothing fancy.

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