Week of August 14, 2011

not dead at the moment. not that anyone really reads these. i was just having Issues last week and decided not to do anything. kind of what happened this week too, only i had a breakthrough in villagers and town ai. so that happened. basically, i had a system for villages which was okay, but was really messy and kind of pointless. so i just redid it. now there’s something that will actually work.
here’s something i wrote as i was working on it. i’m updating this on saturday and the post will publish on sunday, so maybe i did more. i don’t know.
it kind of seems pointless when you’re planning to kill yourself in less than a year.

This is hard to explain in a bullet point parade, because it’s a bunch of big features. So let’s just go over everything…

This is a proof-of-concept of what I wanted to do, and the foundation for it. Basically, farmers will go work on these, and based on the plot’s fertility, things will slowly grow. The quality of the crops also depends on the fertility, as well as the farmer’s skill. Then, when the crop is done, it’s harvested, and sold off to a store. It’s pretty dull… in fact, I had already written a farming system when city building worked differently. Before, towns were all on one single map, each, and wouldn’t do ANY simulation/processing unless you were on that map. Now that the game’s world is split up into discreet areas, that was impossible. Now, everything is done through a database that constantly updates. It puts farmers to work on the plots, makes them grow accordingly, even when not being farmed (just slowly) and then, when they need to be harvested, it knows that and will do that itself. This runs no matter what the game’s doing. You can be in a dungeon, and this will still be simulated. When you’re on the map, you get to see the farmers doing the work. But the whole point of this system to have towns run and the villagers go about their business, with or without the player’s involvement.

Food stores
Once harvested, food is then offloaded at a random food store that can afford it. Each shopkeeper has their own inventory, but I might just make this specific to building. Right now it’s villager specific. I’m guessing the buildings will be purely communal, not owned by anyone, and people will just sell their wares there.

Chefs will cook appropriate food items into meals. Makes them more effective/expensive. Right now it’s Dorf Fortress style, where they just get turned into roasts or whatever. Could possibly make more in-depth recipes where it takes stock of all available items and makes something more complex from that?

Lumber Mill
This is tricky and I’m having a hell of a time figuring it out. These guys are supposed to go to trees, cut ’em down, retrieve wood, and replant a tree. Trees are hard to do, though, because it might mean simulating EVERY TREE. Which would be ridiculous. Most likely, I’ll just keep tabs on how many trees are cut down/planted per map, save the positions of trees, and then delete/create them accordingly when the player gets to a map. Right now, they just magically get wood, ’cause there’s no trees. Meh.

A small building where miners are able to collect stone and ore. Stone is used for materials, ore is smelted into metals.

Derp. Collect ore -> Make metals

This guy just collects materials and crafts weapons from them, which the player can then buy. The player can do this themselves, too.

The goal was to have basic RPG village stuff going on. Stuff the player needs. I’ll be working on a more robust economy in time, and also the really important stuff for villages that make them key to the entire game. Particularly happiness, villager lifestyles, blah blah blah.

I also optimized the villager AI. As in, I deleted all the stuff it was doing per step for the old system. The new system is handled by code external to the villagers themselves, and doesn’t run every step. So that’s nice.


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