Week of July 3, 2011

I’m writing the script. That means no updates. Maybe not even next week. It’s 9,000 words so far and I just started three days ago. The first four days of the week were devoured by Fallout: New Vegas.
Highlights after the break.

[Note: A dialogue choice is indicated by [“bracketed quotations”], and will be indented. This denotes a branching off from the main dialogue tree. Additionally, this is written as it’ll be coded – the ‘textbox(-1,-1,’ is part of that. And the ‘&’ sign tells the game to skip a line, essentially.]

[Also note: Certain dialogue choices make other characters approve or disprove of you. This is shown beside the choice with something like ‘(Ruby: +1)’, as in a positive reaction, or ‘(Elias: -1)’, as in a negative reaction.]

[Also also note: The characters are all robots.]


[After freeing Astraea from a block of ice…]

textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: YESINYOURFACE
&Ruby: Astraea?
&Astraea: HELLO!
&Elias: Astraea. We came here as foretold by the 125th Prophecy of the Designer’s End to rescue you. Allow us to introduce ourselves. As it was written, we are two opposites, joined by birth, one of which with-
&Ruby: LASERS!
&Ruby: I KNOW!
&Ruby: …Elias?
&Elias:  [Opening the back of Astraea’s head and fiddling with wires and stuff] Sup.
&Ruby: What are you doing?
&Elias: I am resetting their personality to what it was before they were trapped in a block of ice. Clearly it only made me crazier – I mean, made them crazier.
&Ruby: What?!
&Elias: What.
&Ruby: Elias, you can’t just alter someone’s personality when it pleases you! That’s… philosophically questionable! And I hate having philosophical discussions! They get in the way of all the fun stuff, like murder!
&Elias: Relax, I am not messing with their personality. I am simply setting it to a previous point. You know, before the Designer decided to mess with their personality. By trapping them in a block of ice for 100 years. To ‘teach them patience’. Which failed.
&Anyway, our Hero should be good to go.
&Astraea: Wuh…? What happened?
&One moment I was trapped in a cave, and…
&Oh, good God, the Ice Maiden! My friends! Where-
&Elias: The Ice Maiden is dead.
&Astraea: What?
&Elias: Also so are all your friends.
&And everyone you’ve ever loved.
&100 years have passed and now you’re all alone.
&Astraea: …
&Ruby: Elias!
&Elias: What.
&Ruby: Subtlety!
&Astraea: My friends… my family… everyone I’d known, everyone I devoted my life to protecting.
&Ruby: Dammit, Elias, you broke him!
&Astraea: What do I have to live for?! Everything I’ve known is – wait, what’s happening?
&Ruby: ELIAS!
&Elias: [Messing with Astraea’s head again] What.
&Ruby: STOP THAT!”)


[During mission briefing…]
&Astraea: …So, what’s their deal?
&Ruby: The Player? They don’t have a voice box, and they don’t have an OS to install one on.
&Astraea: Oh, that’s annoying. Well, luckily I saved this upgrade…
&Astraea gives you the Dialogue-O-Matic!
&Ruby: What’s that do?
&Astraea: It brings up a prompt during pauses in conversation that gives you a choice of things to say, all geared to advance the conversation in an optimal direction, based on some… um… advanced mathy-whassits.
&Elias: …That is incredibly convenient.
&Astraea: Yeah, it’s been a huge help to me. I didn’t even need to think about what I said, half the time! I just mashed the ‘Continue’ button.
&And as a bonus, it’ll let them communicate.
&Let’s test it! Player, shall I repeat everything I just said in the last five minutes over again?”)

[“Yes”] (Ruby: -1)
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: I can’t believe I have to fight Auterion…
&Ruby: Wait, what? What are we doing?
&Astraea: Oh, we have to repeat all our dialogue.
&Ruby: No.
&Astraea: But the Player wasn’t listening, and now we have to repeat-
&Ruby: Hell no.
&Astraea: Aw.”)

textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: Okay, it works!”)

[“Hell no.”] (Ruby: +1)
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: Okay, it works!
&Ruby: And it appears the Player is sane.”)


[“Why all this faith in the Prophecy?”]
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: This is the 125th Prophecy to foretell catastrophe, though this is the first time it’s been so big as ‘unmaking reality’. I’m guessing it’s just a big show to celebrate the 125th. In any case, there’s been 124 before it, and they’ve all come true.
&If you’re ever feeling doubt, just remember that! The good guys always win. Always. Sometimes it’s bittersweet. Sometimes we lose something. Sometimes it’s hard. But we will win.
&I don’t even think about the plot anymore. We just do the quests and, no matter what, the bad guy goes down. The real trick is making our own story!
&That’s why I like you so much. You’re interesting! Also moderately attractive!”)

[“Why, thank you. Is there a romance subplot in the cards?”] (Astraea +3)
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: Hey, maybe! But we should probably save it until just before the Apocalypse, when it’s most dramatic.
&You know, the night before we go take out Auterion. Just in case, like, one of us doesn’t come back. Ooooh…”)

[“Is that a weird fetish of yours or something?”] (Astraea -1)
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: W-what’s weird about it?! It’s perfectly normal!”)

[“That does sound… exciting.”] (Astraea +3)
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: It’d be magic. The look in our eyes… The imminent peril… Fading to black… Waking up ten minutes later, oddly satisfied…”)

[“…Save *what* until the Apocalypse?”] (Astraea -1)
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: Um… nothing, forget I said anything.”)

[“Kinky.”] (Astraea +5)
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: Glad to meet someone else who’s into some good dramatic tension. It’s sadly quite rare…”)

[“Only if I get to ______.”] (Astraea -1)
textbox(-1,-1,”I… guess that’s a fair trade, sure, if that’s what you’re into.”)

[“Aw, thanks.”] (Astraea +1)
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: Just a compliment, of course! Nothing meant by it.”)

textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: What? Awkward?”)

[“I am not a homosexual.”]
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: …How’s that relevant?”) [Go back; delete this option]

[“Nothing, it’s fine.”]
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: ‘Kay!”)

[“What sex are you even?”]
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: I’m not sure what kind of ‘sex’ you mean, in that context.”)

[“Like… are you a guy or a girl?”]
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: …I’m not sure I understand.”)

[“Like… are you input or output? In your pants.”]
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: Oh! Depends on my mood I guess.”)

[“…Never mind.”]
textbox(-1,-1,”All righty!”)

[“I… don’t know if I’m into robots.”] (Astraea -1)
textbox(-1,-1,”Astraea: …Who would you be into, then?”) [Go back; remove this option]


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