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Week of July 31, 2011

So I just had a friend play the game. Few things I learned:
1) Menu systems should actually work
2) My friends don’t really give a shit about dialogue so whatever
3) The combat is actually pretty fun
It was basically summed up as him running around, spawning hundreds of enemies, and blowing them up. He seemed puzzled as to why he kept losing XP and levels, but I’ll chalk that up to him being retarded, because I told him flat-out that dying costs you XP, and multiple deaths cost you a level, and he still spawned hundreds of enemies for ‘optimum XP’. Then he died. Constantly. I’ll just assume the rest of you aren’t that retarded. But yeah, he spent ages just sitting and killing things, so I guess it must be fun.
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Week of July 24, 2011

Mellowed out a bit this week. A few minor updates, but I’m not gonna bother with bullet points. Basically, I blocked in some maps, so I can start moving on making towns and story stuff. I made it so that, when you’re not locked onto an enemy, you still stationary when you attack, which lends to a more defensive style of play. It also removed a problem where you could just dash everywhere, which was faster than walking. I’m messing around with AI pathfinding, which is almost always a bitch. Made a huge breakthrough in NPC AI, though, and now know pretty much exactly how I’m going to incorporate towns at the level of depth I was wanting. Also some other stuff, like death penalties and what-not. And I planned more of the story and changed it up a bit. Guess I’ll talk about that.
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Week of July 17, 2011

I threw out the procedurally generated map creation thing I had spent a week making. For starts, I was lagging on the overworld map for some reason, which pissed me off. But more importantly, it just… wasn’t very interesting. It was ugly (tiles only, no items, final destination) and there wasn’t a lot of ways to make it cool. So now I’m designing the maps, and will have to make them. The first one is just half of one of five lands in the game, and it’s already pretty damn complex. And the main quest, which I wanted done, is sort of a ‘grand tour’ where you visit all the lands at least once. So I’m mulling over three ways to do this, because I like to underestimate the time I have left.

1) Release a demo of the first act on January 25th, with only the first area, but make it as big and expansive as possible.
2) Only do the areas I need, gimping the exploration aspect.
3) Release the full game, as planned, but with placeholder graphics.

I actually like the 3rd one. I want the full game done, and graphics come last for me on the list of priorities. But, honestly, I probably will be able to whip them up near the end. I work fast. I just prefer to manage time as if I have half as much as I actually do. And ‘quality over quantity’ is one thing, but ‘having a full product’ is another. I like to tell a complete story, period.
Anyway, here’s a bullet point parade. Focused more on the RPG side of the game and less on pure action. But there’s still very little story implemented. Script’s still on the go after all.
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Week of July 10, 2011

Script is 25,000 words. 3 acts out of 5 down.

Once the basic plotline is done, I’ll start implementing that. I’m also pinning down what I want from the maps in the game, because the procedurally generated system a’int satisfying me. I’ve been wanting a massive, open area like Oblivion, but that’s really hard to do well in a 2D game, and hard to make interesting in general. I think I’ll move onto a system more like the Fable games, with multiple areas to traverse rather than a single, big space.

Maybe I’ll post Act 1 of the script later? I dunno yet.

I also did some tweaking to combat, but maybe I’ll lump that in with next update.

Week of July 3, 2011

I’m writing the script. That means no updates. Maybe not even next week. It’s 9,000 words so far and I just started three days ago. The first four days of the week were devoured by Fallout: New Vegas.
Highlights after the break.
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