Week of June 26, 2011

So apparently people actually read this so I shouldn’t casually mention wanting to kill myself or that I’m ‘crippingly depressed’ or the fact that I’m a TPE/lifestyler BDSM slave or anything like that. I’m also certainly not going to say anything ridiculous and slide it in there just to fuck with people (I also unironically have opinions on Ancient Greek philosophy [fuck Plato*])!
Instead of doing something stupid like that, I will simply drop the biggest bullet point parade in ever because all I did this week was space out and make the game.

Yeah, it’s almost, like, a playable game right now. As in, you can sit down, and play it, and go into dungeons, and level up, and the combat is wonderful and fluid, and there’s the capacity for a shitload of weapons… Honestly, worst case scenario (!!!!) I could just brush it up a bit, start on the graphics phase, add weapons, and just release it as some Torchlight wannabe. And I think it would actually work. The engine is in place. It could use some polishing up, sure, but bottom line, there is a game here.

– Combat is a little more ‘sticky’, so that in dungeons, you won’t go flinging into walls. You stick to what you are killing.
– No more fall damage. I found too much health was just being randomly lost.
– No more damage upon smacking into a wall, if attacking.
– Bullets do half-damage to a player using a melee attack at that precise moment. Attacking a gun-using enemy with melee almost always means getting hit, because you can’t dodge at all while you’re zipping over there…
– Toning down damage all around. Too much random death. 😦
– ‘Multi-shot’ guns! Like, shotguns. :3
– Physics are being refined, and are now much smoother, with less (e: no) glitches.
– Shooting a gun downward keeps the player mid-air longer. Unrealistic? Sure. Awesome? Yes. Questions? No.
– No more automatic health regen. You regain health by killing. No more hiding like a giant vagina.
– Made collisions less shitty (again).
– Hit combos! Combo is reset when your feet are on the ground. Influences XP gain. It also gives you a little leeway, since you bounce once after hitting the floor.
– Hit combos also affects health regen upon enemy death (enemy level affects it more)
– Mapping special attacks to left mouse button, rather than right mouse, and you hold the left mouse button to use them.
– Can now lock on while ‘strong dashing’ or grabbing enemies.
– Strong dashing now knocks enemies back. Also nerfed, because 20x damage is pretty retarded. It seriously one-hit everything. I mean, my character is doing 60 damage right now, so 60 x 20… No enemy at my level has 1200 HP.
– Player now bounces off of walls properly, instead of just having their direction set to 180 degrees of what it was. Now it has trajectory.
– Ended most (e: all) of the physics glitches it looks like. It was making it so the player would ‘float’ when stunned… by having gravity just not affect them. At all. And the player is often stunned. Like a lot. Like every time they attack for starts. So now gravity just always affects them no matter what, as in like GRAVITY.
– Oh, right, attacking is supposed to drain stamina. It does that now.
– Enemies can now hit you while you’re in the air… but not too high up.
– Enemies are now more aggressive at lower levels of dungeons. They attack more often. This leads to having massive rooms of enemies shooting at you and just draining you, constantly, forcing you to kill and regen health.
– Put a hard limit of 40 enemies on a dungeon map and made their numbers rise a little less dramatically. Too many enemies just slows the game down way too much, taking it to 30 FPS.
– Enemies do more damage at lower levels of dungeons. This’ll make up for less numbers, basically. And occasionally, you’ll get a disproportionally strong one… but I’ll need to give them, like, a glowing effect.

Problem right now is twofold – too many enemies makes the game slow, and results in fatigue because YOU JUST. CLICK. CONSTANTLY. Like, I don’t know how many clicks a mouse takes before it dies, but if you click 5 times to kill each enemy, and there are 40 enemies per level, and 10 levels to a dungeon… that’s 2000 clicks per dungeon, before you hit the boss.
Possible fixes:
~ Obviously, less enemies that just hit harder and have less HP, so there’s shorter fights with less clicking, with more emphasis on reflexes. I’m doing that now, but now there’s an issue of having to avoid damage somehow, which is difficult.
~ Limit on the amount of times you can use melee attacks, similar to ammo for guns, before you get winded. This gives more emphasis on selecting who to attack, and makes the time you have to attack seem more frantic. It kind of nerfs aerial combos though.
~ More emphasis on special attacks and charging them, which means less clicking.

– Special attacks now charge by holding LMB, and are used simply by releasing the button.
– Special attacks are no longer affected by stamina. They still drain it though. Their power depends solely on charging.
– Ranged enemies weren’t retreating properly (again) and weren’t shooting up close (because I told them not to for some reason). Fixed.
– Ranged enemies can no longer shoot while stunned.
– The damage enemies take when they hit a wall or whatever is multiplied by their level. Divided by 3. This is so that ‘throwing enemies into each other and at walls’ remains a valid strategy throughout the game. Before it was just, like, 5 points of damage if they went splat. Good when all enemies have 45 health. Not so much when it’s 200.
– Can now throw enemies at others of a different height, if locked on (before they wouldn’t move along the z-plane).
– Dungeons are now aimed at a certain level range. One will be made for Level 5 players, one 25, etc.
– Messing with the formula for enemy damage. To parabolic or not to parabolic?
– Enemies also display their level.
– Explosions now stronger based on the level of the enemy that’s exploding. They’re also more damaging based on how close you are. Though it’s shown one issue with explosions – enemies LOVE to explode in your face after you kill them with a special attack.
– Messing with every formula pertaining to level progression now. Looks like it’ll be capped at 125.
– Doubled the XP needed to level. Seemed to go too quickly – I’m at Level 25 just from playtesting. Granted, I playtest a LOT…
– Enemies on the surface scale to your level (not in dungeons though)
– If you go into a dungeon in which you are frankly overpowered, the enemies will scale up, but NOT entirely. Going in a Level 9 dungeon as Level 25, I encounter Level 17 – 22 enemies. It basically picks a random level, but always makes it at least half of the difference. Reason for this being, while I DON’T want it to be like Oblivion where enemies scale down to your level, you shouldn’t get to the point where you overpower everything. A Level 125 character can go into a Level 5 dungeon, and while most enemies will still end up being under Level 100, there will still be a few challenging ones to keep it interesting. They’ll all be at least Level 70.
– Just for shits and giggles, occasionally (1/25 chance) one enemy gets a big level boost, up to 50% of what it was originally :3
– Damage you do to enemies is affected by the difference in levels between you and it. If you’re 10 levels higher, you’ll do more damage, and vice versa. If you go into a Level 50 dungeon at Level 25, you may only do 1 point of damage with each attack.
– Did one (1) asset. New textboxes! Alpha shading and shit. Fixed the textbox code while I was at it. I won’t say what was wrong with it because it was stupid.
– Made it so enemies are always on a floor space in a dungeon.
– Health now goes up based on Endurance, not level. Stats are capped at 999, whereas level is capped at 125. So while getting even one stat to 999 is a tall order, this system results in a higher health overall, if you’re out to level Endurance and play a tank, since you can at least go beyond 125. 999 Endurance, by the way, gives you 5555 HP. 100 (a more sane amount) will get you 650.
– To speak of how much I’ve lost track of time, I only just realized that last blog post was titled for May. It’s June. Whoops.

*I tried to find a clip from A Fish Called Wanda about philosophy to accompany this but all YouTube has is vlogs of theists and atheists, all bickering at each other and calling the other one ‘morally bankrupt’ or ‘meaningless’ or some shit. Which really has nothing to do with philosophy and more to do with everyone being a massive tool. That, or everyone has an equally valid answer to the meaning of life, which means Nietzsche is right**. Anyway, your homework assignment is to watch A Fish Called Wanda. Get on that.

**Fuck Nietzsche too.


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