Week of June 19, 2011

Had some fun this week dealing with crippling depression. It’s changing the story and mood of the game somewhat – or will, potentially. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means it’s a very personal game. Luckily, the story is still somewhat up in the air, as I haven’t moved too far in it, and instead spent this week on basic engine stuff. So, hopefully, my mood will settle and the game can solidify. Eventually. Anyway, It’s starting to feel more like a real game, but dungeon stuff is still a little annoying, just because of how cramped it is. Gonna have to open it up.

On that note, BULLET POINT PARADE! shit. let’s be santa.

– Coins come to you. Picking them up wasn’t much fun.
– Bullets now properly miss enemies if at a different height, and will go straight when the target isn’t locked on (they used to hit the floor where the target was, as though aimed precisely where the target was. Maybe good for puzzles, but annoying when trying to go without ‘locking on’ with the target)
– Easier to stay locked on. Mouse needs to be held near the enemy, but the camera shifts a bit when attacking, which made it hard to just wail on something without losing track.
– Guns now have ammo (although it’s saved with the player, not the weapon, because I am retarded) and need to be reloaded when out. HOWEVER – I may make it so it runs off of ‘fatigue’, like melee combat, and change ‘fatigue’ to ‘energy’. They are, after all, robots. It may be interesting for guns to be limited only by how much energy you’re willing to go without.
– Bullets no longer shoot perfectly straight. This’ll obviously be based on a stat related to accuracy. This is just because I found myself taking potshots at enemies too far away to be reasonably hit with the pea shooter I was using.
– Wait no that was dumb. Back to shooting straight.
– Stamina now affects speed
– Fixed a dumb glitch where player didn’t decelerate properly.
– Yes. Shooting now drains a bit of stamina.
– Dungeons are now integrated into the world, with an entrance, and you can go deeper into a dungeon while still coming out through the top, in the exact place on the map that you left. One of those things that sounds like a given, but isn’t, as far as programming goes.
– Enemies are faster
– Enemies are guaranteed to notice the player and come attacking if shot.
– Enemies get stronger the deeper into a dungeon you go.

– Guns now have their own ammo setting, but it’s still kinda wonky. And rather than a limited amount of ‘clips’ – you know, how in shooter games when you run out of ammo in a clip, you have to reload – it just takes from your stamina, so you technically have unlimited ammo forever, just you have to keep reloading.
Basically, it’s like this: Guns take their ammo from the player character’s energy, since the player is a robot. The player has to charge the gun before use. This takes a short amount of time (it’s the equivalent of a reload). A gun can only hold a certain amount of charge.
This is interesting from an RPG standpoint, as it means the player can enhance their gunplay regardless of skill with the weapon. They could make reload times shorter, or, better, increase the limit on a gun’s charge, so they could hold more ammo, etc.

– Guns can now fire explosive rounds.
– Guns are more powerful and also have their own damage stat.
– Explosion effect. Before it literally just made a sound. No way of telling where it came from. Now there’s a visual, which is good, because that’s half the point of explosions.
– Way better health and XP indicators that come up when there’s a change (when you take damage, obviously). Now also applies to the player, and has colors, depending on whether it’s an increase or decrease. Also shadowed, so it pops.
– Trying out a rudimentary slowdown/bullet time effect. It’s NOT going to be used for any kind of Enter the Matrix/Max Payne style shit. Well, maybe. My intent was to make the game more tactical when shit gets heavy by slowing down time when the player is selecting a weapon or special attack to use, and MAYBE a ‘tactical meter’ that lets you slow down time by holding a button, until the meter runs down. This will probably be reliant on the intelligence stat – as in, smarter characters are able to make more time to think in the heat of battle.
– Will be making the game run at 60 FPS instead of 30. It’ll look smoother. However, I now have to make everything in the game go at half of its original speed, because now it’s running twice the number of frames (so the player went at a speed of 3 pixels per frame – now it’ll be doing that twice as much, effectively making them twice as fast). Not hard, just annoying. Will probably be an ongoing process for a little bit.
– Death penalty has changed. Before it simply warped you back to the hub, but this kinda sucked. Now you’re knocked down, lose a level-dependent amount of XP, and then you get back up, ready to go. Will be making something cool out of this, so death feels like more of a thing.


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