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Week of June 26, 2011

So apparently people actually read this so I shouldn’t casually mention wanting to kill myself or that I’m ‘crippingly depressed’ or the fact that I’m a TPE/lifestyler BDSM slave or anything like that. I’m also certainly not going to say anything ridiculous and slide it in there just to fuck with people (I also unironically have opinions on Ancient Greek philosophy [fuck Plato*])!
Instead of doing something stupid like that, I will simply drop the biggest bullet point parade in ever because all I did this week was space out and make the game.
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Week of June 19, 2011

Had some fun this week dealing with crippling depression. It’s changing the story and mood of the game somewhat – or will, potentially. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means it’s a very personal game. Luckily, the story is still somewhat up in the air, as I haven’t moved too far in it, and instead spent this week on basic engine stuff. So, hopefully, my mood will settle and the game can solidify. Eventually. Anyway, It’s starting to feel more like a real game, but dungeon stuff is still a little annoying, just because of how cramped it is. Gonna have to open it up.

On that note, BULLET POINT PARADE! shit. let’s be santa.

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Week of June 12, 2011

Decided to take a bit of a break this week, following another Big Update. I… guess I could talk about that? It’s just Perlin noise generated terrain, ala Minecraft. It makes big, natural looking maps, which is going to be used for the islands you actually build towns on. Just another one of those things I didn’t see a point in doing myself, because the computer honestly does it better. It just took half the week to ‘teach’ it, and by that point, I was kind of frustrated. Something about not making constant progress just puts me off.
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Week of June 5, 2011

Aw yeah, bitches, three major updates. Not a lot of small ones because honestly fuck those, what’s even the point. Yeah, I altered some variables here and there. Maybe tightened some stuff up. Who cares, because I took three things I’d been dreading for a while and kicked their ass.
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