Week of May 22, 2011

Dum de dum…

– Gunners! These are enemies that just try and keep their distance and shoot at you. Yes, with bullets. What’s that? Did I add ranged combat finally?
– Flyers! Same dudes, but they fly.
– Hopping. As in, when you attack regularly, your character jumps in the air slightly. Just looks neat.
– Zipping up and down. Through the use of MATH(!!!) the player now moves along the z-plane towards enemies they are locked onto, when attacking. This sounds kinda simple but I don’t know shit about math, and the ‘z-plane’ is kinda jury-rigged since this is a 2D game. I pretty much shit myself when a random formula I punched in actually worked.

– Improved targeting. You hold right mouse button and the target ‘jumps’ the nearest enemy that’s close enough. Problem was, the way the z plane works (when enemies are flying, for instance), their graphic is just drawing higher up whereas their shadow remains drawn where it is. Actually, their shadow is more along the lines of what’s used for collision detection. So this led to confusion, since when it was trying to find out what to lock the target on, it was using the shadow to do so, whereas players would be watching the actual enemy graphic.
– Improved homing. Used to be that it homed towards targets if their were no target, and not when locked on. Now it’s the other way around, because if you’re locked onto a target, you should probably be homing towards that! Also, I found myself attacking just to be able to move faster, because it’s a sudden rush, and being able to home towards the cursor while doing so just made walking normally seem silly. Walking normally doesn’t feel BAD, or even worse – which was the problem. Attacking makes it hard to control, and if people default to that for movement, then it’s like… ‘hey! movement seems really shitty!’ And then I have to be all like ‘no, it doesn’t, you’re just not doing it right’. And gamers hate that because gamers think they’re always right about everything and screw the developers they’re all idiots. So bottom line: Improved homing.

– Ranged combat. Right now there’s just a pistol, but that’ll obviously be expanded on. It’s actually the most basic thing possible – which seems so weird, after spending so much time on melee combat, making it feel good, etc… Ranged combat is just pushing a button to make a bullet object which flies in a direction and does damage to stuff it hits before disappearing. Zzz… I thought this would be a special entry, because people do love shooters, right? But shooters are boring. And people who prefer shooters are boring. I don’t even know why I added this. Felt obligated, I guess. It better make for some bitching gameplay.

– Refined collision detection. Again. Now enemies for sure never go through walls. Ever.
– Enemies try to step back if the player gets too close. They should have been before, but they weren’t. Derp.


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