Week of May 8, 2011

– Wave integrated. Basically you slash your sword, and it makes a shockwave, or just a big ol’ gust of wind. It’s pretty much used for crowd control. Immediately after I implemented it (it really fits into the ‘flinging things around’ deal) I realized that a special attack that does no damage is kinda silly. It works pretty good to keep things from attacking you, though, since they have to be within range. But, not good enough, so I decided to do a sweeping revision of the combat system + physics to make it work. Of course.

– Enemies and player now take fall damage.
– Enemies and player bounce after hitting the ground.
– Enemies and player now take damage if they’re knocked into a wall
– Enemies now take damage if they’re knocked into each other
– Enemies no longer just clip through walls if they’re going too fast. (Yeah that was dumb)
– Same with corpses. Also, yes, enemies can die by being beaned with a corpse.

– Damage indicators (numbers that fly up whenever an enemy is damaged) are improved. Used to be they only came up in certain circumstances, and only one would come up at a time. This was stupid. Now a new indicator pops up whenever an enemy is damaged, ever. The result? Massive swaths of numbers during combo attacks. Crazy satisfying.
– Spin attack now goes faster, rather than slower, as you run out of stamina. Just to have an incentive to use it for longer, and also as a fun bonus, having to stop /just/ before you run out of stamina. If you do run out, you’re stunned, and vulnerable. Fits the crazy attitude of the move.
– Player no longer stops when the spin attack is over; they keep moving, but the player has no more control of them, and they remain vulnerable to attack.
– Special attacks no longer drop stamina down to 0 in one use. I’m not sure why I thought that was a good idea. Now you can string them together more effectively with normal attacks. They are less effective with less stamina, though.
– Window can now be resized and larger areas can be scrolled through. That sounds like basic stuff, doesn’t it? So did I! GML is actually a complete bitch when it comes to viewports, though, so this took the entire fucking Wednesday, WITH multiple sources for help. #bestprogrammer
– When the player runs out of stamina, they are winded for a moment, unable to move until it recharges, thus leaving them vulnerable. This encourages the player not to just spam special attacks until they can’t anymore; now they need a rhythm.
– Spinning cursor that speeds up when the mouse is moved and also snaps onto enemies when locked on. Kinda neat.
– More realistic physics; enemies no longer smack off of each other like billiard balls when colliding against each other (typically this is because they were flung). There’s also less friction when they’re not touching the ground, because durrrr.

– Throw integrated. Hell yes. You just rush at an enemy, grab them, and then click elsewhere to chuck ’em in that direction. Because of how physics work now, this is actually pretty damaging – especially if you throw it into a crowd of enemies, when they all collapse on each other, more or less. Stuns both the enemy thrown, and any enemy they collide into. Pretty cool method of crowd control, if you’re sharp enough.

– Can now throw corpses at other enemies. Figured this was awesome enough to get its own thing.
– Started putting together some dev tools, but it’s pretty archaic at the moment. Just enough to help me script and take away tedious point-and-clicks.
– Can now skip right through dialogue by holding Control. Originally it was limited to pressing Space to load all the text rather than the ‘appear one letter at a time’ deal that simulates it being spoken or something. Then you still had to press Space to continue. You just ended up mashing Space to skip dialogue. This was silly. Now you just hold Control and bam, you can ignore ALL MY WRITING.
– Okay. Yes, I am getting the story down. Scripted some of the opening scene, etc. Just getting the controls down. Now it starts with a pan/establishing shot, and fades in from black. As for dialogue… Well, it’s easy to put in there, and a lot of it is just talking back and forth with intermittent battling (with the occasional Weird Game Shit). So I guess the first real plotline will be done relatively quick?

So yeah, back in the saddle! And that was all with Spiral Knights and the TCAF eating my time. Yeah, I’m pretty amazing, I gotta admit.


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