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Week of May 29, 2011

Bluh. ‘Weird Life Shit’ getting in the way a bit. I won’t get into any details because they’re all stupid, but some people apparently think I should be worrying about something other than Megatronica, and I’m not being ironic or sarcastic or anything when I say that is really stupid. I genuinely do not see the big deal about anything if it has nothing to do with Megatronica, or my ability to keep doing Megatronica. Yeah, I said it.
Now without further ado, here’s what’s happened in the past week that actually mattered.
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All right, pre-production is going in a weird sort of direction, but that’s fine.
I admit, updates have been kind of slow lately. That’s because, the more I get into the meat of the game, the more I have to be careful about what I add. If the story changes drastically, as it has been, then things I have planned end up being tossed out because they suddenly don’t fit – the reason why I’m hush-hush on things that aren’t actually in the game yet. But I’m working on a final script for the game that will, essentially, solidify the game so that I know for a fact what I’m working on. The last piece of the puzzle just fell into place, I think, and… well, it’s pretty damn weird.
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Week of May 22, 2011

Dum de dum…

– Gunners! These are enemies that just try and keep their distance and shoot at you. Yes, with bullets. What’s that? Did I add ranged combat finally?
– Flyers! Same dudes, but they fly.
– Hopping. As in, when you attack regularly, your character jumps in the air slightly. Just looks neat.
– Zipping up and down. Through the use of MATH(!!!) the player now moves along the z-plane towards enemies they are locked onto, when attacking. This sounds kinda simple but I don’t know shit about math, and the ‘z-plane’ is kinda jury-rigged since this is a 2D game. I pretty much shit myself when a random formula I punched in actually worked.
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Week of May 15, 2011

5¿½Ễ…ạỳ>ϕ-.11Oh hey! So it turns out that doing narrative stuff? Does not work so well for bullet-point parades. Unless you want to get, like…

-Added the scene where the guy says that thing
-Made the camera pan up slower so we see that guy later as he does that thing to build suspense
-Made it fade in slower to increase the atmosphere
-Added a line to better express a certain character’s awkwardness and to make the player feel more blah blah blah

So here’s the one thing I did, gameplay wise, and some plans for next week:
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Week of May 8, 2011

– Wave integrated. Basically you slash your sword, and it makes a shockwave, or just a big ol’ gust of wind. It’s pretty much used for crowd control. Immediately after I implemented it (it really fits into the ‘flinging things around’ deal) I realized that a special attack that does no damage is kinda silly. It works pretty good to keep things from attacking you, though, since they have to be within range. But, not good enough, so I decided to do a sweeping revision of the combat system + physics to make it work. Of course.

– Enemies and player now take fall damage.
– Enemies and player bounce after hitting the ground.
– Enemies and player now take damage if they’re knocked into a wall
– Enemies now take damage if they’re knocked into each other
– Enemies no longer just clip through walls if they’re going too fast. (Yeah that was dumb)
– Same with corpses. Also, yes, enemies can die by being beaned with a corpse.
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Addendum (May 2, 2011)

Script’s done. 8,000 words. Just the dialogue. Should come down to, like… 1 – 2 hours of game? I don’t know, I’ll have to re-read it. I’ll likely end up adding and removing bits as the game actually gets made, just to get the right mix of gameplay and story.
The computer should be working again soon. It needed to have Windows 7 reinstalled, apparently, which means the files are all wiped. Again — thank God for Dropbox.
I miiiight post some bits of the script later? I don’t know, maybe I’ll run it through Dude Editor first (who doesn’t know he’s going to be asked to edit this shit. Or that his title is Dude Editor).

Week of May 1, 2011

No bullet point parade this week. Don’t worry, I’m already self-flaggelating as punishment.
I figured it would be okay if I took a short break after all my exams were done. I still did a few things for the game, because that’s naturally where my mind goes. But I thought, you know, a few days where I relaxed and played some other games, get away from my own, would do me some good.

Day 2, my computer shat itself, and wouldn’t boot up anymore.

So, while that’s getting fixed, I’m starting to re-evaluate my way of working. I’ve realized that my method has been fairly short-sighted, focused on making small, incremental changes, without having a good long-term plan. So, this week, I’ve been starting to put together an overarching plan for the game, particularly for the first iteration that’ll be released come January.

Oh, and Megatronica is safe and sound, even if I somehow lose all the data on that machine. Incidentally, I’d like to take this time to announce my love and intense, passionate lust for the developers of Dropbox. If you are a developer for Dropbox and wish me to pay homage to your genitals, please, do not hesitate to get in touch.
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