Week of April 24, 2011

Decided these would be best done on Sunday.

What I really focused on this week was refining the combat. Little tweaks here and there. It’s currently feeling a LOT better, to the point that I’ll probably be moving away from it and start working towards some actual content.

– Smoothed movement along walls. The player is supposed to be able to slide along them, but it was made for isometric walls. When the slope was a different angle, it messed up. Now it’s much more responsive.
– Made it so multiple weapons can be equipped and swapped between easily. Five slots.
– Players now have an attack rate that slows down as they run out of stamina.

– Made a different special attack for each weapon
– Spin attack; press right mouse button, spin around, hurtling towards the mouse. Hard to control, but devastating to groups of enemies, or ones stuck in corners, and it also smacks them away. Reminds me of a common Battlebots thing. Basically a spinning top. Rapidly drains your fatigue and causes you to get dizzy and freeze for a while when it runs out. Enemies can also get crits on you if they hit you, knocking you over, but I think I’ll make it less likely for them to attack.
– Weapon arc; right mouse button again. This has been in the game for a while, but kind of dumb. Used to be the only special attack. Turns out it totally sucked, and I just never noticed, because I never used it (which should have tipped me off, but anyway). You just swing the weapon in a wide arc, hitting everything in a short range and draining your stamina in one go. It also makes them fly off, which is good for managing bunches of enemies that come running at you. I improved it by making it more reliable and do greater damage, so now it works pretty great, in the right circumstances.
– Strong dash; yeah, just right mouse button. It’s just a basic dash attack, but it sucks up all your stamina and devastates one enemy. If it doesn’t kill them (and at full stamina, it’s basically one-hit) it knocks them far, far away, and stuns them. Basically, they’re out of the way once hit – good for when you have one guy that’s pissing you off.

– Mapped these to each of the different varieties of weapons. All three. Yeah, not much.
– Decided to make it so you could use any at will, using the same method I was going to use for magic (shh). Basically you cycle through weapons and special attacks with the mouse wheel, and you press it in order to toggle between those. So now there’s actually strategy. Which is way better than having you switch weapons.
– Made detection of interactable objects not suck. Before it was pretty… ‘unreliable’. (It didn’t work)
– Running is now implemented with the Shift key.
– Picking items out from inventory, which has been integrated successfully with story stuff.
– Inventory is now split into categories! Left and right switches between them. Think Pokemon. Only with an ‘all’ function.
– Enemies now have health bars, which gives attacks a lot more feedback, and helps for strategy.
– Also made them colored.
– Started implementing joystick/controller input. Just left stick for movement for now. I did it all at a relative’s place when I realized using the touchpad on my laptop was really shitty.
– Holding the right mouse button has always locked onto enemies. Now it only does it within range of the cursor. This makes it harder with the trackpad, but makes it so you actually have to aim attacks. Before you could hold the right mouse button and click away.
– Still working on the tutorial, which is kind of pathetic, but I’m very particular about introductions. Also, the Hub, which is also the opening dungeon, is pretty important. It’s also helping me see what I need to code for story purposes.

Next week, I want to have the tutorial mostly done so I can move on with the actual story. Then I can go back and revise things (which I likely will). A rough outline of the game’s first few hours, essentially.
I can’t imagine, at this rate, not having something worth playing come January. Here’s hoping that doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.
Now, I just have to study for my last exam of the year, then I’m totally free. Whee!


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