Week of April 18, 2011

I kind of have a thing where I figure working on the game is better than talking about it, and also, literally nobody seems to be reading this last I checked. Unless it became huge in Japan when my back was turned.
But, for prosperity (in case people do read this later on), I decided to take this time to show that, in the 18 days that I haven’t been updating the blog, I’ve been cracking down on the game.

– Made assets
– Threw out assets; returned to placeholders
– Refined the design of the opening ‘dungeon’, later central hub of the game (think Fable 3’s Sanctuary)
– Height has been programmed in
– Shadows will grow and shrink depending on the height of the object linked to it
– Player can now jump

– Player can now knock enemies into the air and follow up (affected by stamina)
– Enemies fly over each other’s heads when at different heights, and collide if at the same height
– Coins bounce off walls instead of getting stuck in them (durr)
– Reluctantly began dealing with the issue of integrating quests
– Holy crap integrating quests is easy
– Initial tutorial well underway
– Dialog code brushed up
– Made the game run in x2 scaled graphics to look ‘retro’.
– Realized every indie game ever uses retro graphics; restored to x1 because fuck that.
– Made inventory screen not crash when the player didn’t have anything. Wow that was stupid.
– Chests have been added
– Player can now investigate objects (coded on an object-by-object basis – needs to be refined)
– Planning later stages of the game, particularly the flow of the main story
– Continued banging my head against art direction; narrowing down a particular style

I’ve finally decided to post a single screenshot, because it’s really been way too long to hold it off. So, behold, in all its programmer art glory:

(You’ll need to click it to see the full view)

Yeah, that’s all just placeholder art, with the possible exception of the two ‘real’ graphics, namely, the forcefield and the floor. The blue block is the player, the red ball is an enemy, the pink ball is an Annoying Sidekick who hovers around and follows you at some points of the game, the yellow block is a staircase (really), and the orange block is a button to turn off the forcefield – but it doesn’t let you do that until you get a weapon to fight the enemy locked inside.
The goal is to have the game technically finished before I really buckle down on the graphics. I’ve been thinking about maybe bringing some other artists onto the job, but I prefer to do things myself… except that I’m a total perfectionist who obsesses over every little graphic I make, which really isn’t good for a video game.

Also, I actually didn’t start cracking down on the game until late night on the 13th. I had a fistful of exams to do for that whole two-week stretch. So, yeah, pretty good start of the summer. All four months of it.


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  1. Gillian Hutchinson

    I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone making a video game; I find it rather impressive. If you need testers, I’d be happy to.

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