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Week of April 24, 2011

Decided these would be best done on Sunday.

What I really focused on this week was refining the combat. Little tweaks here and there. It’s currently feeling a LOT better, to the point that I’ll probably be moving away from it and start working towards some actual content.

– Smoothed movement along walls. The player is supposed to be able to slide along them, but it was made for isometric walls. When the slope was a different angle, it messed up. Now it’s much more responsive.
– Made it so multiple weapons can be equipped and swapped between easily. Five slots.
– Players now have an attack rate that slows down as they run out of stamina.
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Week of April 18, 2011

I kind of have a thing where I figure working on the game is better than talking about it, and also, literally nobody seems to be reading this last I checked. Unless it became huge in Japan when my back was turned.
But, for prosperity (in case people do read this later on), I decided to take this time to show that, in the 18 days that I haven’t been updating the blog, I’ve been cracking down on the game.

– Made assets
– Threw out assets; returned to placeholders
– Refined the design of the opening ‘dungeon’, later central hub of the game (think Fable 3’s Sanctuary)
– Height has been programmed in
– Shadows will grow and shrink depending on the height of the object linked to it
– Player can now jump
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City Building

I’ve been trying to put together some assets so that I could post screenshots, or something, so you could get a better feel for the game. Right now, I’m having a hard time finding out the art direction, and refining the sprite for the player character. I work fast, but it turns out that planning the entire art direction for a game takes longer than a day, so, bear with me.

One thing that bothers me is that, as I start planning out the first iteration of the game and setting deadlines, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave something very important on the back burner. Specifically, city building. I don’t mind it not being in the first ‘demo’, in full. It’s big and complicated and only good if it’s at a late stage of development, so I don’t see it as a failure on my part if it’s not there yet in January. But it does indicate what I’m wanting from the game.

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